Do you know RT house? I believe only few of
people know this. RT house is a kind of private house which designed by
Jacobson Arquitetura. It is located in Laranjeiras Brazil. This idea of house
is well known as the perfect house design which offers so much comfortable
nuance. If you want to get the same comfortable nuance, you can make this house
idea in your own place. Several pictures are provided below to help you to
understand how to make it.

Let us have a look at the first picture of
the gorgeous RT house. This house applies tropical style since has several part
parts as open house. Picture number one shows a stunning semi-outdoor living
room. It sets some cozy wooden chairs and table for the seating idea. Moreover,
there is a modern flat TV as the entertainment element. The ceiling idea also
employs nice wooden material.

Let us move to the second picture. You will feel so much pleasure with this house design. This outside part of the home has modern swimming pool with ordinary shape. The existence of green trees around the pool makes a strong nature look. Just beside the pool, we will find a comfortable outdoor seating unit. It also completed with wooden plasterboard. There are some minimalist beach benches near the pool. Nature look and fresh air are the important elements in this house style. I believe you will love this place.

The next picture provides an elegant dining room style. It consists of a classic creamy dining table and some rattan chairs. There is a glass vase on the table for the decoration. On the vase, some beautiful flowers are set. The wall unit on the white wall uses nice wooden material to create stronger classic look. Wooden material also uses for the flooring idea.