Great Pavilion by Basiches Arquitetos in Sao Paulo Brazil

Taking place at the seacoast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, this pavilion is leisurely nestling on the Guaruja Residence. It is a great project by basiches arquitetos to restore several designs and also remove the rest. The revamp is successful with the great result of new outlook of the pavilion highlighted with gorgeous concrete structure and roof garden. The flat roof defines the outside look while the inner look is highlighted with partition and floor. Going to dig more pictures? Check following show!

From the very first of the entrance, comfortable and relaxing nuance of front yard pool and deck path leading to the terrace are amazing. Shaped in landscape style, it relieves your fatigue with curving pathway. Spacious deck provided is available for party or even spot to socialize. Surrounding with narrow water flow, it must be very fresh to stay along. Golden lighting on the front ceiling is perfectly reflected by the glassy enclosure to give yellowish effect to the surrounding. Sliding glassy door is attached to connect the indoor with outdoor is a good bridge to mixture two nuance at once. Gorgeous poles supporting the ceiling are awesome with LED light for each.

Open, vast and comfortable living space allows you to breathe fresh air while enjoying the natural look through the transparent enclosure. Adjoining the living room is the kitchen and the dining room. No matter what, the two also turn into a great place to hang out with friends or family. Sharp partition between outdoor and indoor living space is shown by the use of wooden deck and white glossy flooring style. Separated with glassy sliding door, it is not a good partition to private the design. Everyday is holiday in this pavilion with spacious pool deck and comfortable living space to throw fatigue and boredom.