Private Dwelling of Lakewood in Florida by KZ Architect

Established between two oak trees, this building stands for over 4,800 square feet area. The vast open landscape is let for being connected with sub tropical setting with 23,000 square feet in total. The owner of the single story building is a couple with three children. Asking the architect to add an art studio for the mother is a painter. In addition, revamp patio is also expected to the old outdoor design of worn out canopy, pool and also the whole area surrounding. Wondering the result, check following show!

Graphical design brought into the dwelling adds gorgeous outlook toward the outdoor. Several concrete panels attached to the exterior gives special effect for modern and minimalist look. Taking all the way to the pool is getting shadier with two coconut trees above it. Even to relax or hang out with family and friends on the edge of the pool is also amazing. Right from the very start entering the house, the concrete white canopy is welcoming with its simple look. Bringing open specimen of dining area with the backyard pool is seamless with glassy sliding door. Outdoor dining space is also great under the bold great ceiling decoration.

Ornamental stairs from the pool leads you inserting the house. Massive use of black glassy enclosure enables you to always connect with outdoor nuance, while it unfairly keeps everything inside secret from outside. Dominated with white backdrop, orange palette touch onto it seems perfect. Showing artistic tone from the very beginning, rustic sculptural stairs are leading you to the art room. Open design with plenty of recessed wall cabinet pouring the canvas with natural light. To enrich the night light, plenty of pendants are attached to the ceiling. Bathed with modern LED light at night, it glows glamour once the sun is started to set. Wasting the time by the pool is not a bad idea for barbeque party.