Taiwanese House Design of Element by White Interior Design

Designed in sleek amazing look due to Taiwanese architect from White interior design, this house is glamour touches with palette and grace. Wooden wallpaper attached to the backdrop gives modern natural effect to the surrounding. Graphical ceiling design brings you unbelievable look to enjoy in this sleek stylish interior. Going in same tone with the green rug, green palette stick on the white wall is kind of amazing trait to give vibrant hue to the neutral wall. Lovely design of the cushions also gives different treat to this awesome oriental home design.

Adjoining living dining room makes you easy to access the socializing spot. Further, it is getting blurred and blurred to distinguish the function of the both rooms. Bringing you to the sophisticated year, it plays plenty of lighting for glowing interior such as the gorgeous modern triple pendants attached. Further, it is getting more and more adorable to sit on black net wire chair while catching the natural light from the glassy half draped window. From every angle, the house is just amazing to stay at along with the stunning appliance and ornament installed.

To give vibrant tone to the neutral white backdrop, several parts look crazy with green panel and also black glassy panel for one room. In addition, it seems like the house is built based on theatre room where you can enjoy stereo sound system with large LCD TV. Great mounted origami on the wall is likely to be the focal point imposing great Taiwanese interior. Robot like floor lamp is the wondrous design to brighten the room during the night. Spacious bedroom is purposively designed with minimal decoration to make it larger and neat. Not far from the use of wooden material, wooden banquette is elegantly standing beneath the window. Parting the room with wooden board is also stunning though.