Urban Living Place Design providing Us with High Elegancy

What do you think about your home? Do you satisfy with your interior home design now? I feel sorry if you consider that your home is not satisfies you. Home, as a place of living, should present a comfortable nuance for the people in it. In modern era, minimalist and simple design of a home is highly required. I even suggest you to make a simple urban home since it have so many advantages.

Now, look at my first picture. What do you think? Yes, it is a simple and smart living room interior idea. The living room applies modern white wall painting with an abstract picture as the wall art. There is a modern white sofa with grey cushions placed in front of the wall. Over the wooden floor, we can see a nice white carpet with a small black table on it. The huge windows contribute in making a brighter look inside the room.

If the first picture is about great living room, the second picture will provide you with minimalist bedroom design. It is minimalist because the bedroom does not use much stuff to decorate it. There is a comfortable bedding set in white theme. It equipped with a small side table with a modern stand lamp on it. Another furniture unit is a modern sideboard. It has a nice countertop with a small stand lamp and some nice photographs on it. We can see also a beautiful painting on the wall as the wall art.

The next picture is about a modern kitchen in white theme. As we can see, the kitchen cabinet uses dominant white tone. It also supported by the use of white kitchen backsplash. We can find some modern stainless sink on the countertop. In front of the kitchen cabinet, we will see a simple white kitchen island.